Augui welcomes you to her magical adventures!


Augui is an engaging series of picture books. Meet Augui, the fantastic Witch of the Moon.

Augui lives with her granddaughter Feelu in a fantastic place called Mount Abacaba.


Meet the Abacabians

A·ba·ca·bian [ɑbɑkɑbən] - Noun: a native or inhabitant of Mount Abacaba. | adjective: of or characteristic of Mount Abacaba.

Let’s meet Augui, Feelu and all of the other Abacabians!

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About Augui

Between Mount Satoo and Porto Magia there is a small village called Mount Abacaba, where magic and nature coexist. And it is in Mount Abacaba that lives Augui, the Witch of the Moon.  She lives with her granddaughter Feelu and their pet bat Zuazoo.  The spells and potions Augui prepares are always good because they are made from the magic of the Moon. Augui is a good witch and only uses her magic for good causes. She is also able to talk to nature and animals. Trees, flowers, animals are all Augui's friends and help her when she needs a magic that does not come from the Moon: a magic called Kindness. Augui represents all the caring grandmothers of the world and pays homage to them.  Mount Abacaba is a place rich in nature, simplicity and joy; a place we imagined when our grandparents told us their chidlhood stories. This is where Augui's stories unfold with frienldy and magical characters.  Mount Abacaba is a truly welcoming place where children travel and dream, and Augui is the grandmother who opens her arms and makes them feel at home.

Many people have asked me if Augui really exists. Augui is based on my grandmother Augusta, whom I believed to have magical powers. She had the power of healing, of listening, and of making delicious desserts. My grandmother August played an important role in the making of some of my magical childhood memories. Many, many years ago, when I lived abroad, I decided to make a unique gift to give my grandmother for her birthday. I thought back to all the memories I had of her and I remembered going into the woods and picking wild blackberries. So I wrote and illustrated a small storybook. This was the seed that then blossomed into AUGUI.


Created and written by Sofia Caessa Güerne

All artwork by Pedro Fernandes

Original music by Pedro Güerne & João Lucena

App Development by Jorge Caessa & Mafalda Claro

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